Our online escape room is a fun alternative to the traditional, in person escape room. You can play as an individual, as a household team or remotely as a team using video calling (such as FaceTime or zoom). Our first online escape room is ‘It’s a pirates life’ – where you must use all of your cunning and wit to find Blackbeard’s treasure. Move through each puzzle and battle it out against pirates and sea monsters. To make this game a really fun night in, it also comes with download and print at home pirate masks and cocktail menu.


You’ve  been brought into this fraud investigation as you’ve a proven background in solving cases like this. 

The problem is, the team so far is always one step behind the perpetrator and now they have insider information that he intends to carry out one last digital hack and then disappear forever, so you’ve only got a short time to solve the case before he gets away for good. 

There are several bits of evidence for you to analyse, including DNA profiles, fingerprints, soil samples and crime scene evidence ready for you to examine under a microscope. 

Can you live up to your reputation and locate this criminal before he commits another scam?


Available on request


4 / 5




60 mins


Up to 10 people


We provide everything you need to enjoy your Online Escape Room so all you have to do is decipher the clues, solve the puzzles and escape in time!

Online, live games master available on request.

Log ins for the game are sent to you with your booking confirmation. No extra software is needed.
Timer and scoreboard
PDF download and print at home pirate hats and eye patches for a photo opportunity.


Here’s all the logistics for you to consider when booking your Online Room – feel free to call us and we can help you with all of your queries or arrange a site visit!

Play on your desktop, laptop or  tablet. Due to the interactivity in this game, it will not work on older Ipads running IOS 9.3.5 or earlier.
WiFi or internet access required 

Reset Time – 5 minutes

Enjoy our new and exciting online escape room today! It also makes a fun gift experience, simply purchase the game via the link below and forward on the booking details. The game can be played right away or at a later date.