Escape rooms are gaining popularity as a fully immersive team building  activity or brand experience  and here at Leisure King we have a devoted  and experienced team who has  created the perfect mobile version that can go into just about any venue, inside or outside.  Each Mobile Escape Room comes complete with a Games Master to guide teams through and offer up clues to help them achieve their goal.  The rooms have one main task to achieve in the time provided which is made up of several layers of challenging activities to complete in order to achieve this .  Activities include solving puzzles, identifying patterns, deciphering codes, analysing data, locating evidence and investigating clues left by the characters.  Whatever they are confronted with, teams must work together, quickly and decisively.  They must channel their inner detective and think like the criminals to discover the answers to the challenges and crack that final code to achieve their goal – and do it faster than their opposing teams.

We’ve created a range of escape rooms so that you can bring this activity into your own offices, university or conference center and offer the experience to your own audience as part of a team building session, recruitment event or brand activation  to name a few.  



Each mobile escape room can hold up to 8 participants and lasts around 30 minutes, with a 10 minute turnaround.  So during a day the escape room can be experienced by around 80 people or double that if we bring two rooms to your venue.   If you want all your participants to experience the activity at once we have a table top version which can be enjoyed by up to 20 tables of 8 so it’s a great activity as part of a whole day’s events.  For more info on the table top version, see below







A casino owner (who is also the mob boss) has some incriminating information hidden on a USB disk.  You’re  a detective working at the casino undercover trying to unearth a major crime ring.  You know the evidence is hidden in his safe and need to get into his office to get it.  The casino owner ‘walks the floor’ of his casino daily between 3.00pm and 3.30pm which is the only time the office is ever empty so this is your only chance.  The casino owner is very security conscious so has many hidden items throughout his office but his memory isn’t what it used to be so he also gives himself little reminders around the room to help him remember codes and passwords etc.  It’s up to you to decipher the clues,solve the puzzles and decipher the safe code, assuming you can get in and out undetected









You’ve  been brought into this fraud investigation as you’ve a proven background in solving cases like this.  The problem is, the team so far is always one step behind the perpetrator and now they have insider information that he intends to carry out one last digital hack and then disappear forever, so you’ve only got a short time to solve the case before he gets away for good.  There are several bits of evidence for you to analyse, including DNA profiles, fingerprints, soil samples and crime scene evidence ready for you to examine under a microscope.  Can you live up to your reputation and locate this criminal before he commits another scam?








It turns out your friend and colleague is actually an MI6 spy.  He’s  been trying to find a mole in MI6 but is now in deep trouble.  You now have to help him deciphering the clues and puzzles he’s left for you.  It’s  now down to you to find out who the mole is before the mole finds him.  You’ll  have to work out where his safe house is by analyzing his data, looking at evidence and investigating other spies.  Once you know where he is you can organize his safe extraction, so long as you can find the extraction code that is.








Event crew to run and support your event

All puzzles, furniture, equipment, lighting for each game room

Timer and scoreboard

Team photos after each game





Due to numerous factors involved to offer you the best Mobile Escape room for your event we would need to discuss your requirements to come up with an ideal costing for your event. 

Please feel free to email us on info@mobileescaperooms.co.uk or call on 01322 479909.   Alternativeley why not fill in our contact form by clicking here.




Working Area:

6m x 3m for mobile escape room.   Table top dependant on how many teams.  


Yes, standard indoor or outdoor socket required

Inside or Outside:


Staff included:


Suitable for all ages:

Yes (works best with 10 years and over and children must be accompanied by an adult)

Number of players:


Up to 8 per escape room 30 minute game.
Upto 160 for Table Top Escape Game

Time per game:


30 minutes per escape room game – 10 minutes re-set
Tabletop version is 60 minutes running time




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